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Emerging hyperpop artist, Voidie, returns with an enticing new single ‘wyd, clogging arteries’. In what is a truly personal offering, the musician delves into themes of angst, heartbreak, and growth throughout. Lyrically it’s a display of maturity far beyond his teenage years and displays a distinct ability for telling introspective stories. However, such a message is juxtaposed by the electro-pop fused production style that’s addictive and full of feel-good instrumentation. In a rather interesting vocal delivery, Voidie goes against the grain of hyperpop, where the heavy use of auto-tune and warping effects have become the norm, instead opting for a calm, almost gentle approach which makes for a relatable listening experience.

“’wyd. clogging arteries’ is about the physical and psychological toll that a downwards spiralling relationship can cause and how it can affect the body mentally. The lyrics ‘you wouldn’t even care but yeah I’m dying to see, tell a white lie baby, you’re still lying to me’ is almost like the reason for drinking. Obviously, I hope the partner cares but they don’t, so I’m inflicting pain onto myself. It relates to me personally because, after a break-up, I will drink like a Viking, fucking up my liver and feeling sorry for myself knowing that I wasn’t enough for someone”.

Less than two years into his journey, Voidie’s ascent to the top of hyperpop world has been fast, but it’s also a reflection of the genre’s ever-growing popularity. Never settling on following creative norms, the artist has become a pioneer of his craft. Previous releases such as the trap-leaning ‘Lana Del Rey’ and collaborative hyper-pop track ‘lost n found’ showcase his ability to craft infectious songs from an array of genres.   

Last year saw Voidie release ‘Impressed’, a single that instigated a breakthrough moment and has amassed over 114 thousand streams. Such progress in a short space of time is a true testament to the artists endless potential. ‘wyd, clogging arteries’ is the first single extracted from his upcoming EP ‘Claustrophobic’, and sets the scene for a stunning release.

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