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Few producers have managed to carve a sound that’s instantly recognisable, yet constantly innovating and evolving with each release. In the case of Irish DJ and notorious electronic producer, Krystal Klear, he’s done exactly that. Ever since he graced dancefloors across the globe with 2018’s hit single ‘Neutron Dance’, the artist has been on a mission to maintain such remarkable standards. The result of which has garnered an eye-watering portfolio of addictive dance tracks that’s endeared Krystal to many. Now he returns to Gerd Janson’s Running Back label with his latest four track instalment, ‘Connect EP’. A blistering sonic journey that’s full of euphoric moments.

A lot of the music was made between the end of lockdown and the opening of the world again. It was really influenced by the overwhelming feelings that occurred between being very insular, and then suddenly being back, connecting with the world again. French touch plays a huge influence on this record, I think primarily because at the time some of the music was made, I was spending a lot of time in Paris with someone, and I think the fragrance of French dance music came into the studio on occasions during the months I was writing it. Ultimately, I wanted to make a dance EP that would connect with an audience that at the time of making it, I didn’t have.

Such Parisian influence can be heard on the aptly titled ‘Paris Metro’, a track that takes the possibilities of the traditional DJ tool and runs with it. Merging the worlds of house and techno, the track draws a subtle likeness to Daft Punk’s track ‘Alive’ with its powerful bassline and relentless forward drive. Krystal then flips that sound on its head, with the emotionally charged ‘Our Signal’, which transcends the overbearing urge to hug the closest person to you. It’s a track that translates the EP’s message in perfect form and serves as a reminder to make the most of those special moments, because as we’ve experienced, they can be taken away at any time.

It feels certain though that ‘Telephone’ and ‘Mega Chords’ will be the two singles from this EP that will be heard most. Both tracks feel born for the dancefloor with their boundless energy and distinct Krystal Klear DNA. ‘Mega chords’ particularly stands out for its layered instrumentation and chords than never quite know when to give. It’s no wonder that Danny Howard chose the track as BBC Radio 1’s Hottest Record for this week.

‘Connect EP’ feels refreshing and delivers an array of different emotions throughout. There are certainly aspects we’ve heard from Krystal before, but it does feel like the artist has tried to push the envelope on this project, and duly delivered. His progression is a testament to the artists endless desire to keep his music moving in new directions, never allowing his aesthetic to become pigeonholed. Long may it continue.

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