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Eight-piece US band, Illusion Hills, are a dynamic creative force spurred on by a mutual love for their art form, as well as each other. With the group originally forming in 2020 through close friendships, they’ve since developed an ideal working relationship, where each member possesses their own unique skill set. With Kyle and SAI taking the reign as vocalists, supported by mj and Jay who double up as vocalists and producers, whilst Pada is an editor, Brandon is a director, Salad is a graphic designer, and Alyssa Garcia is a photographer. Quite frankly, they have all bases covered. Their latest single, ‘Genesis’, featuring Buppy. encapsulates everything that they’re about. Centred around deeply personal lyricism, the band deliver a captivating heartbreak anthem.

Photo credit: Alyssa Garcia

“This song is the equivalent to pushing your body up onto your hands after you’ve fallen. You may not be on your feet yet, but you’ve begun the process. It’s the first step in the right direction when you’ve lost a piece of yourself.”

Sonically, Illusion Hills blend aspects of soft indie, hip hop, and post rock to create their own genre-defying sound. It’s an aesthetic that’s nostalgic in its design, with ‘Genesis’ sounding like it’s been transported straight out of the late 2000’s. The single also sees the group collaborate with Buppy. an emerging 18-year-old artist known for his emotive aesthetic. Ultimately, it sees two like-minded forces come together, and there seemed no better track to collaborate than on ‘Genesis’.

It’s a track that also takes listeners on a sonic journey, where the full breadth of the bands creative force is put to use. Starting with a gentle ambience that sets the scene, the track explodes into a sea of ever changing, upbeat sounds, until the track switches on its head for the final minute and a half, where a beautifully whimsical vocal holds the listeners hand until the song ends.  It’s a reflection of the songs message, where despair transitions to self-confidence, and then back to melancholy and emotional turmoil at the end. ‘Genesis’ is an incredibly well-thought through single and shows just how much potential this talented group of individuals garner.

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