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West London’s multi-talented musician, Xadi, returns with his EP ‘Floating in Lilac’. Embracing the term of a one-man band, the artist produced, rapped, and wrote the material himself. The result of which was a truly personal and emotive record that explores themes of tough love, emotional scars, change and introspection. Xadi wears his heart on his sleeve, vocally delivering honest and heartfelt expression in his smooth and easy-listening melodic flow. At points throughout the EP’s six tracks, the artist manages to destroy the age-old masculine image that comes with rap and hip-hop, showcasing vulnerability in a truly refreshing change of pace.  

“‘Floating in Lilac’ follows someone staring at a lilac night’s sky, looking at the distant stars, constantly chasing them, believing they’re more beautiful than they are in actuality because of the purple lens through which they’re viewing it. Never getting any closer or further away, but always chasing.”

The EP’s mood is perhaps best summarized in lead single ‘Evidence’, as Xadi explains: “At this point all of the doubts have been suppressed, an upward swing where this more energetic hip-hop infused instrumental allows me to playfully flex. After having felt overlooked, this was a chance to jestfully remind myself of how far we’ve come on this journey.”

Delving between conventional rap and a relaxed take on singing, Xadi places his vocals at the forefront, ensuring that his story translates. It’s a trait that particularly stands out on ‘Timing’, where the artists unique vocal range bounces perfectly with the angelic voice of Nina Cobham, making for a genuinely engaging sonic journey. Consistently presenting a dreamy state, ‘Floating in Lilac’ serves as a space for Xadi to be open with his listeners, where experiences can be shared, and comfort can be taken within such heartfelt and honest lyricism.

The EP also includes hit single ‘Off The Gas’, which has already racked up over 575 thousand streams on Spotify alone. It’s a signal of his early success, and if ‘Floating in Lilac’ is anything to go by, there’ll be plenty more hits in the future.  

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