Boyfriend is a London based publication created by a team of fashion creatives who love the storytelling you can do with fashion.

It’s SEXY – In the pages of Boyfriend, you’ll find fashion forward works that explore themes of masculinity and femininity in a powerful way.

It’s BOLD – Exploring fashion means taking risks, will you wear everything in our pages? Probably not! But will it give you some inspiration to take some bolder styling choices – ABSOLUTELY!

It’s INTELLIGENT – We love a good article or interview, and our mag speaks to industry insiders about what makes them tick, how did they make it into the industry, and what do they see happening next…

It’s INSPIRING – As little boys and girls, we remember how magical it was reading the pages of some of our fave fashion mags and dreaming about the fantasies they created – and we truly feel our mag will do just that – regardless of your age.


We’re not just a mag for reading though, if you are a fashion creative, we wanted to create a place for you too! As working professionals ourselves, we know just how hard it is to get published.

We wanted to simplify that process, and open up our publication to ALL creatives regardless of their experience, credits or popularity – our criteria is based on TALENT.

With this in mind, we regularly open up submissions for our print & digital issue, and also for online exclusive webitorials – check out our submissions page for current opportunities.

We also work closely with leading industry creatives on commissioning shoots to ensure that we celebrate their talents too.

So who are we?

Editor In Chief – Aaron Mark 

Aaron founded the mag and initially created the concept, from then, he has watched it grow and had a hand in everything, from the branding, marketing campaigns, editorial content, and recruitment of the team – he has worked on every aspect of the mag so that he can better understand everyones roles and the important part they play in the overall vision.

Aaron is a stylist who’s featured work includes Vanity Teen, Feroce, Institute, Disorder and Streets magazines, and he has gained invaluable experience working and training with some of the biggest and best in the industry – including Ozzy Shah, Lottie Moss, Rebekah Roy, Dan Blake, Martin Carter, Evan Huang and Darren Black to name a few… and he’s still doing freelance styling work alongside his very busy role at the mag.

Aaron worked for many years in corporate healthcare and fashion retail before deciding to pursue his dreams of being a stylist – and it is with his vast knowledge of style and corporate business that makes him a formidable Editor in Chief.

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Beauty Editor – Joana Ascenso 

Jo is a well accomplished make-up artist, who’s featured works include Sustainable Fashion Journal, Feroce, Institute, Editeur Plus, and has contributed written works to Flawless.

Jo has previously worked as contributing Editor to ithestylist.co.uk and with her experience in editing, and her keen eye for all things beauty – she is a talent the mag simply couldn’t be without.

Check out Jo’s instagram HERE

Features Editor – Jake Wright 

Jake is a formidable writing talent, and often lends his writing skills to major music and media publications such as Clash Magazine, London in Stereo and Noctis Magazine to name a few.

Jakes understanding of the underground and emerging music scene, along with his passion for fashion and peoples stories, makes him the perfect features editor who finds us all the latest.

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Contributing Editor – Sophie Winfield

It’s important that we support emerging talent, it’s a core pillar of our magazine and why we set it up, so when we first got introduced to the works of Sophie, we knew we had to have her in a contributing capacity.

Sophie has an excellent viewpoint, and ability to capture a persons true core with her writing. We know her career in journalism has just begun, and we are so excited to play a part in it…

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