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South London based producer, singer-songwriter, and prominent DJ in the LGBTQ+ club circuit, Shivum Sharma, returns with the single ‘Overload‘, a complicated ode to the city. In what’s a truly soulful offering, the artist shares his rather relatable views on London life citing: “It’s almost a breakup song with the city.” I’m sure many residents would share the artists sentiment; a place that draws you in with its bright lights and the opportunity to chase your dreams quickly swallows you up into the inevitable rat race, where life begins to pass you by. It’s a message that’s delivered beautifully through falsetto vocals reminiscent of Prince and influenced by powerful female vocalists such as Minnie Riperton, Erykah Badu & Bjork.

“The energy that once inspired and allured becoming one that instead takes and uses, leaving its people barren and drained. Questioning the love that you once felt for home. I wrote it alone in a day and produced it with Alex Burey who is also on backing vocals. We chopped and changed little elements of the song as we worked on it over quite a long period of time and it has constantly continued to reveal more and more to us as we worked on it. It’s a song we feel very close to and proud of.”

‘Overload’ is Shivum’s first release since 2020, when his ‘Diamond’ EP demonstrated his deep understanding of pop music. Fans of the artists material have endured a long wait for new music, but they can rest-assured that a new project looks set to land in the summer, with this single delivering the first glimpse of what’s to come.

Shivum has consistently worn his heart on his sleeve throughout his career, often telling stories from a queer perspective in a humbling manner. It’s an approach that’s endeared him to many within the LGBTQ+ community, representing club events run by Daytimers, Pxssy Palace and Bitten Peach. It’s led to the artists sonic output traversing into the work of dance with remixes by the likes of Dam Swindle, showing just how versatile his vocal ability is. ‘Overload’ is yet another release that proves how much potential the artist has, and 2022 might well be the year he explodes.

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