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For years, Park Jae-hyung was at the forefront of K-pop world as a vocalist and lead guitarist of South Korean rock band Day6. The group were key players in the export of the K-pop sound to the US and beyond, and the ensuing phenomenon that quickly arose thereafter. Now the artist steps into the limelight as a solo artist, under the moniker aeJ. His debut single ‘Car Crash’ arrives with big expectations and boy did it deliver. Originally created for his performance at Head In The Clouds festival last year, the release encapsulates an addictive, feel-good summer sound that sure to get listeners off their feet.

“There’s been so much that’s happened in my life the past few years, but the fans have really stayed strong and stuck by my side. I couldn’t believe it, ‘Car Crash’ received a ton of pre-saves, and we were trending worldwide, the support has been so strong. It means a lot to me. I think it’s important that my fans and I take a dive with this song and keep pushing forward together”

For a solo artist who didn’t even have a song to stream on Spotify until a few days ago, the bond that eaJ shares with his fans is truly special. Through alternative platforms such as Soundcloud and Youtube, the artist soon proved his worth, and anticipation organically grew for his first formal release. Such loyalty is personified in ‘Car Crash’s’ early success, with fans sharing the single widely across socials, it’s already over one million streams, and looks set to surpass two million by the end of the week. For the American singer-songwriter, who comes from Korean descent, it’s been a surreal opening statement and one that looks set to kick his solo career to newfound heights.

‘Car Crash’ also comes with an accompanying music video, produced by premier lifestyle gaming brand 100 Thieves. Starring the brands co-owner Rachell “Valkyrae” Hofstetter, along with 100 Thieves Creators and Twitch Streamers Kyedae and Will Neff, the project shows the great cross over appeal of K-pop, as well as eaJ’s enticing charisma that show’s him to be so comfortable in such a setting. What eaJ artist is doing now as a solo artist is particularly intriguing, and he’s pursuing a vision of what an artist can be which surpasses the norms of everyday pop stars.  

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