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San Francisco based singer-songwriter, Magsy, took 2021 by storm, thanks to the release of his debut EP ‘R U STILL WATCHING’. It was a release that showcased the world his talent and very much served as a breakout moment for the emerging star, with the six tracks combining for over 2 million streams. Now the artist returns with his latest single ‘Noisy Mind’, an infectious indie-pop track that delves deep into the artists life. Embodying his raw and honest approach to songwriting, his latest single explores themes of love and past relationships over a smooth and upbeat backdrop of warm pads and disco-leaning drum grooves.

“All the things you don’t like about yourself… There’s self-deprecation in the verses, but acceptance in the chorus.” 

Magsy’s deeply personal approach to creating music, unafraid to speak about his demons often juxtaposes the uber catchiness of his songs production. Going against the grain, by creating such unique material, the artist is redefining the pop landscape one single at a time. It’s an approach that perhaps stems from his youth when he started writing songs from the age of 14. Back then it was an attempt to escape from a feeling of isolation when he would regularly question where he belonged thanks to an inability to neatly fit into societal roles.

Such an ability to channel his thoughts and feelings into his sonic output now comes naturally, accurately reflecting his personal experiences. It’s also led to the artist becoming an in-demand collaborator for artists across the globe, from sessions in South Korea writing for K-Pop stars to collaborating with emerging talent in LA. ‘Noisy Mind’ serves as the first taste of what’s to come on his forthcoming sophomore EP, and we can’t wait to see what follows in the coming months.  

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