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With every day that passes it feels like we’re moving faster than ever towards the future. That certainly feels true when it comes to technology, and the concept of visual art. In recent years we’ve seen the rise of virtual artists, with Miquela in particular transitioning from influencer to songwriter with great success. Now, it’s time for Maie to take listeners on a journey through the metaverse with her latest single ‘Kosmo’. Inspired by the artists sense of feeling lost, the single tells the tale of an artist in search of identity and meaning.

At the end of last year, we saw the arrival of Maie with her debut single ‘Like You’, and ‘Kosmo’ picks off right where it left off. Opening with oscillating, electro-pop synths and staccato rhythms, the artist stars with breathy vocals that are full of emotion. Recently Maie described herself as “a solitary cloud drifting in a foreign sky towards the eye of a tornado.” It was a compelling statement that showcased the versatility of a virtual artist, able to change form at any time, offering more wow factor than a human could ever dream of.

The message behind ‘Kosmo’ transcends beyond the metaverse and is something we can all connect with. As humans, we’re more than a little prone to that overbearing essence of self-doubt and the constant traits of questioning oneself.  That’s been the key behind the artists early success, being able to connect with her listeners despite her unique nature.

The essence of art is key to Maie’s image, which is most prevalent in her music videos. In her debut single she wore a Jack Irving NFT dress, which only added to the hysteria that built around the designer at London Fashion Week. Now, within ‘Kosmo’s’ video we see Maie take flight in her hyper-stylised inner world, journeying across extra-terrestrial pink landscapes to a cyberpunk dystopia, to an ethereal in-between space and finally to the most realistic and human private world. 

Maie’s first two releases showcase tonnes of mainstream potential, evident that ‘Kosmo’ has already reached 150 thousand views on Youtube. Undoubtedly set to reach new levels in the future, we can’t wait to see what the virtual artist has in store.

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