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Cold Winter air paired with overuse of heat styling tools and indoor heating can wreak havoc on your tresses. So shield your locks from the elements with these Winter essentials.

Start by targeting some main issues with a specific Pre-Shampoo treatment that will help restore your hair to it’s glory with super-active, highly-charged ingredients. Pre-shampoo treatments are great to help restore  For damaged hair try something like the Philip Kingsley Bond Builder Restructuring Treatment, (RRP £28.00 for 150ml). Their newest arrival, this works beneath the surface of the hair to repair and reconnect broken bonds caused by everyday culprits, such as heat styling, colour-treatments or chemical processing. This reparative treatment is enriched with Panthenol together with their advanced rebuilding technology, meant to leave over-processed tresses feeling stronger, helping to reduce snapping and splitting.  Apply to damp hair in sections before shampooing, and leave on for 10-20 minutes. Follow with a shampoo and conditioner adequate to your hair texture and needs.

Or the JOICO Defy Damage Sleepover Overnight Nourishing Treatment, (RRP £20.00 for 100ml), a bedtime bond-strengthener that nourishes hair while you sleep. With a brilliant formula that fortifies bonds through the night, this no-rinse treatment delivers softer, shinier, visibly healthier hair by morning. Powered by ingredients that help restore tired, overworked hair while you catch your Z’s, this hard-working formula pulls an all-nighter to deliver a healthy-looking hair transformation you’ll definitely want to wake up for. Including JOICO’s one-of-a-kind liposome delivery system (smart release technology) that packs a punch by continuously releasing a trifecta of healthy-hair ingredients, Rosehip Oil, Arginine, and Keratin, to help repair, strengthen, and protect hair from the cumulative effects of daily styling, as well as help to rebuild the hair from the inside out. It also includes a protective lipid which is found in healthy hair and acts as the first line of defence to help protect against damage, as well as Moringa Seed Oil that helps provide shine and softness through antioxidants, and a complex of Vitamins A, E, Zinc and Silica, which are fundamental for healthy, strong and damage-resistant hair. Super easy to use just add a few pumps to hair lengths avoiding the scalp. There’s no need to rinse, and you’ll wake up with healthier hair. 

To combat dryness something like the Philip Kingsley Elasticizer or Elasticizer Extreme Deep-Conditioning Treatments (RRP from £22.00 for 150ml), which are rich and deeply-conditioning, they deliver a supercharged yet lightweight surge of hydration, elasticity and stretch (and in turn strength) to hair, rendering it more resilient to everyday stresses like brushing, heat and styling. Elasticizer Extreme for tightly coiled curls or extremely porous strands, encompasses the same nourishing actives as its original counterpart, but in greater doses, delivering the intense hydration that fragile strands crave. To use, apply to damp hair in sections and cover with the shower cap included (this will create steam which encourages the cuticle to lift so the product can penetrate more effectively). Leave on for at least 20 minutes or overnight for a more intense moisture boost. Double shampoo to thoroughly cleanse away any leftover product and follow with your usual hair care routine.

If you also suffer from a sensitive or itchy scalp, then the Grow Gorgeous Sensitive Ceramide Rich Hair and Scalp Mask (RRP £25.00 for 200ml), which is a light yet indulgent overnight treatment that restores and balances the scalp and hair. Carefully selected natural ingredients such as Olive derived Ceramides, Oat Lipids and Allantoin, target flakes, reduce the appearance of redness, improve the condition of dryness and soothe itchiness with moisture as you sleep, so you can rise and shine to healthier-looking hair accompanied by an instant sensation of comfort. Restore scalp serenity and rediscover hair confidence with the help of this targeted treatment, developed for use once or twice a week.

If you feel your hair needs a product detox or has a tendency to feel greasy, the  Grow Gorgeous Defence Detoxifying Scalp Scrub (RRP £25.00 for 200ml), is a brilliant exfoliating primer treatment to help you refresh and detox your hair and scalp from product build-up and city pollution. With White Willow Bark Extract, Bamboo Exfoliating Particles, Grapefruit Extract and Pomegranate Enzymes, it gently scrubs, exfoliates and stimulates scalp to remove excess sebum, dirt and impurities leaving it purified and cleansed, it also gently loosens dead skin cells and removes product build up for a soft and healthy looking scalp and hair. Use 1-2 times per week as part of your haircare regime. To apply, wet hair, then scoop up a generous amount of scrub. Use your fingertips to massage the product into your scalp then leave-in for a few minutes to enjoy the cooling sensation then rinse thoroughly.

Or you can opt for the Philip Kingsley Vitamin C Jelly Detoxifying Hair and Scalp Treatment (RRP £28.00). Harnessing the antioxidant powers of Vitamin C, this detoxifying treatment removes hard water minerals, pollution and product build-up on the hair shaft, which can leave locks dull, limp and heavy. Restoring hair’s natural radiance, this innovative powder-to-jelly treatment (which presents Vitamin C in its most potent form, for maximum efficacy) reveals shiny, purified, weightless strands. This game-changer deeply detoxes the hair and scalp in just five minutes. To use, mix the powder with water in the bottle provided and shake to activate the formula. Once activated, apply the non-drip jelly to the hair and scalp directly from the bottle. No mess, no wasted product, just cleansed, soft, weightless locks. After five minutes, rinse with shampoo and condition.

Follow-up with the appropriate shampoo and  conditioner combo. While washing your hair, avoid scalding hot temperatures, tempting as they may be in the colder weather, and rinse your locks with lukewarm water instead and use a wide tooth comb or detangling hair brush to smooth conditioner over length of hair (don’t forget to keep your hair brushes clean!). For maximum results on damaged hair I’d recommend something like the Wild Science Lab Smooth Start Bond Reconstruct Shampoo & Conditioner as this duo will help strengthen your strands by significantly reducing damage and helping encourage bond renewal. To re-hydrate dry strands, the Champo Vata Hydrating Shampoo & Conditioner will deliver a shot of nourishing hydration, helping prevent strand breakage and it’s great to prevent frizz on coarse and wavy hair.

But for those with even curlier locks, the Shedid & Parrish Shampoo & Deep Conditioner will deliver maximum moisture and nourish hair from within without weighing it down. If you’re suffering from a sensitised scalp, the Centred Daily Calma Shampoo & Conditioner will soothe the scalp and hair without stripping of it’s natural moisture. For thinning hair the new Virtue Flourish Shampoo & Conditioner formula will encourage new hair growth while also strengthening existing hair strands to prevent further damage.

To add volume to those limp strands, the Grow Gorgeous Volume Shampoo & Conditioner will deliver beautiful body and volume by plumping individual strands whilst caring for the scalp. To gently detox and purify, the new HASK Tea Tree Oil & Rosemary range, will energise strands and reset your scalp. Packed with Tea Tree Oil and Rosemary to soothe the scalp and restore strands, this duo gently removes impurities while nourishing and hydrating for refreshed, healthy-looking locks. To revive blonde locks try the new Moroccan Oil Blonde Perfecting Purple Shampoo & Conditioner

and for Brunettes the Fudge Cool Brunette Shampoo and Conditioner duos work wonders to keep tones fresh and shiny. Or for all shades of coloured hair, alternate your usual shampoo with the new Virtue ColorKick De-Brassing Shampoo to eliminate any yellow tones and follow with an appropriate Christophe Robin Shade Variation Mask to enhance your hair tone.

For the in-between days, the Alterna Haircare Meltaway No-Rinse Micellar Cleanser (RRP £27.50 for 101ml) will have you saying goodbye to aerosol dry shampoo and saying hello to this innovative fast-drying crème-to-powder formula that gently, yet thoroughly, cleanses the hair by absorbing oil and sweat while breaking down residual hair products. Unlike other traditional dry shampoos that leave white cakey residue and might dry out your hair, the Meltaway Micellar Cleanser is translucent and preserves hair’s moisture, so it looks full and fabulous and feels shower-fresh without the actual shower. 

For additional aftercare treatments, something like the Alterna My Hair. My Canvas. Cool Hydration Nourishing Masque (RRP £37.50 for 177ml) provides intense hydration for silky smooth hair. The unique formula is enriched with Vegan Botanical Caviar and Water Lily Extract to give hair a boost of hydration and smooth each individual strand right down to the cuticle. Hair’s natural textures will feel enhanced, giving it a natural, healthy look and a radiant shine. Also the Virtue Restorative Treatment Mask (RRP from £30.00 for 50ml) delivers deep hydration, shine, moisture and reparative strength back into the hair shaft due to its unique formula enriched with Alpha Keratin 60ku which instantly and deeply repair damage and adds strength to the hair, leaving feeling healthy, bouncy and vibrant

And for added protection when styling, something like the Syoss Keratin Mousse, (RRP £4.50), which has a clever formula that strengthens hair while forming a protective shield around each strand that rinses away easily when it’s washed, the Syoss Ceramide Hairspray, (RRP £4.50) is a ceramide-rich formula helps the hair’s cuticle to lay flat, ensuring a silky-smooth result, while the Ceramide Keratin Complex forms a strengthening shield around each individual hair so that it’s protected against humidity and radiation. And for added texture, take a page out of Holly Willoughby’s book and opt for the Moroccanoil® Dry Texture Spray (RRP £17.45) which is an Argan Oil infused texture spray that can be used as a finishing spray for styles that need that carefree, textured volume. It can also be used as a primer spray to provide foundational grip needed for no-slip braids and up-dos without drying out the hair. 

And for that extra care while styling curly hair, why not opt for the Ouidad Twist Range, with a selection of products for all different types of curly needs, these will for sure keep your curls moisturised while also perfectly styled.

And as long as we’re talking about winter hair care, why not protect it from the harsh weather with an Only Curls Satin Lined Beanie? Aren’t you fed up with the friction frizz caused by traditional wool or fleece beanies in winter? Only Curls decided to make hat wearing a little easier with these satin-lined, knitted beanie hats, designed especially with curls and hair care in mind.

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