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Renowned Australian electronic producer, Dom Dolla and Mansionair have unveiled the official video for their smash collaborative single ‘Strangers’. It was Dolla’s final track of 2021, and ‘Strangers’ has quickly become a certified club hit, already amassing over 3 million streams on Spotify alone. Merging the producer’s euphoric take on dance music alongside the Australian band’s beautiful vocal melodies makes for a beautiful listening experience.

The story behind the track comes to life on the accompanying music video, shot on and around the sun-kissed beaches of Cape Town, South Africa by renowned filmmaker Emilie Badenhorst. Throughout it offers a shock to the senses, by creating moments of discomfort. The video speaks to the outcasts and individuals and celebrates those who embrace their uniqueness. The cinematic video paints the picture of an invigorating, fast-paced modern love story of a couple whose electrifying chemistry can be felt through the screen. 

On the video the Dom Dolla states: “When I read the script for the video clip, I knew Emilie Badenhorst was onto something really special. For me I wanted something that was a visual representation of “strangeness”, something you wouldn’t necessarily expect from the pretty melodies within the song

Reflecting on the making of ‘Strangers’, Badenhorst adds, “My intention was always to intimately collaborate with two organic performers in order to create two powerful characters that represents a generation of people boldly living out and chasing defiance. Whether it is our choices that are misunderstood by a system or the shaming of how viscerally we experience life, as individuals we are so easily seen as Strangers. That is why it was so important to me to tell a simple love story from this perspective, defying the public condition of acceptable love…Looking back on it now, I will continue to champion this generation.”

You can watch the captivating music video for ‘Strangers’ below.

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