We get to know music artist Jalle a little better following the release of their EP ‘I’m Sorry’

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Lyrical honesty is something we’ve now come to expect from the music artists and writers of today, but combine this with a strong sense of self-truth, and suddenly that vulnerability catches our attention and allows us to truly get under the skin of the artist. Rising alt-punk artist ‘Jalle’ is one of these artists that allows his vulnerability to shape his music and has honed their skills to paint a colourful sonic image.

We caught up with Jalle following the release of their latest single ‘Hate Me’ from their EP ‘I’m Sorry’, and got to know the artist a little better.

If you were describing yourself to people that don’t know you, what would you say? 
I would probably describe myself as a handful. I’ve got ADHD so I’m very hyperactive and some people don’t like this about me but who cares! Being ADHD is fun.

Did you always want to be a music artist? 
For most of my life I have wanted to be a musician, I have always looked up to musicians and artists. Although, at one point in my life I wanted to play basketball. I didn’t quite have the same passion for it that I do with music so it slowly faded out, plus I got my mum’s short genes which didn’t help.

Who is your music idol?
This is such a hard question to answer, I’ve got two. J Cole is probably my favourite artist of all time. This guy made me want to make music to connect with people. Bob Marley is also up there, this man brings my Mum so much happiness with his music and for that reason, he will always be one of my idols. 

What music do you like to listen too, that people would not expect?
My music taste really reflects my personality and is based a lot on what mood I’m in, I listen to so many different genres that I don’t think any would be that surprising. I will listen to anything if the song is good! 

Who would you like to collaborate with and why?
I’d love to collaborate with Doja Cat and make a pop-punk record. I reckon that would be fun as hell.

What do you like to do when youre not making music? 
You can usually find me either playing Fifa or down the pub on the piss hanging out with my mates!

It’s that nearly that festive time of year, what do you love and hate about Christmas? 
I kinda love and hate Christmas at the same time. I love it because now that I live away from my family it’s the time I get to go back home and see them. However, I hate the inescapable whole month of Christmas songs on the radio, it does my head in.

You can follow Jalle on instagram @thisisjalle and listen to ‘I’m Sorry’ via all major music streaming platforms

Images by Joe Puxley

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