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Berlin’s fast rising producer Budakid returns with his latest captivating EP ‘If Chickens Could Talk’ via Disco Halal. As enigmatic and enthralling as the title would suggest, the artist creates his own psychedelic escape for the dance floor. Consisting of two songs, both ‘If Chickens Could Talk’ and ‘Over Not Over’ pull you in with addictive synths, whilst the pulsating riffs guide the listener into a dreamy head space. Designed for those last few hours on the dance floor, the EP shows what a versatile talent Budakid is.

 “Living in a world where we have the illusion of doing the right thing. But what if chickens could talk and tell us we’re doing something completely wrong.”  Inspired by a truly unique thought process, Budakid creates his own reality on this EP, creating a moment of pure escape.

For the artist, the release of ‘If Chickens Could Talk’ rounds off a hugely successful year that’s seen him release an array of popular singles, whilst debuting a live show at Amsterdam Dance Event. The EP also shows the endless possibilities of alternative dance music, the potential to be ambient at one moment, and totally euphoric at the next. However, for Budakid the talent doesn’t simply stop at the music, with the artwork itself also painted by the artist, making the release a truly personal package. With the artist going from strength to strength with each release, we can’t wait to see what he produces next.

You can listen to Budakid’s latest release below.

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