Find out why now is no better time to pick up a sport and get outside again.

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The past two years have been pretty dismal for everything ranging from, work life, home life, social and emotional wellbeing. What with the Covid-19 pandemic and the subsequent lockdowns people have been isolated from the things that bring them the most joy. However, humans are resilient creatures, who are able to change and adapt to any given environment, struggle or hardship in order to survive. It is why we have been the dominant species on the planet for over a million years. The Covid-19 pandemic has brought out some of the best in humanity, with people banding together to help with food aid for vulnerable people, less capable; engaging in virtual events in order to bring people together in a time we’re all further apart, and even raising huge amounts of money to be able to support the NHS in this most difficult of times. 

Many people, in this time, have found the opportunity to get into things they had always they’d done. Whether it be, learning a new language, or taking up hobbies such as arts and crafts, or excelling themselves physically working out and getting to peak physical health. Activities during lockdown have been a little difficult While much of these activities have unfortunately had to be conducted by oneself or online with others, we are thankfully, with some hope and a little bit of effort, moving back toward a time where we are able to pick up back where we left off and resume person to person interaction and back to the lives we once knew. 

The time for picking up new activities is by no means over, however. In fact, there is no better time than now, to help take some of the positives from our time in lockdown and implement them back into the lives we remember. That is why there is no better time to get into a new sport.

Whether it be as a participant or a spectator, sport is one of those special human creations that have been able to bring us all together. 

Think of the joy people experience when they sit in crowded bars and pubs to watch the football players on the world stage duking it out for glory, or avid fans discussing the latest rugby news, or even coming together bleary-eyed on sleepy Saturday mornings to play 90 minutes or sport with their mates. It’s electric.

For both men and women, sport is a great way to de-stress, a way to channel and exhibit some of the darker impulses we have such as competition in a healthy way. Playing sport helps boost your mood and releases endorphins that aid your overall happiness. Regular activity and the routine of sport increase your concentration which has incredible benefits across various aspects of your day to day life. And of course, there is the obvious benefit sport helps vastly improve your physical health making you fitter and healthier overall. 

So consider picking up a racquet or a ball or a pair of running shoes and make it your resolution to get more sporty this year!

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