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Attention’ is the debut collaborative single by Cagedbaby and Dorothys Fortress, two enigmatic stalwarts of the British electronic scene. Perhaps best known for their ground-breaking solo work over the years which has included hit singles ‘Hello There’ and ‘Firefox’, ‘Attention’ represents two creative minds coming together, finding a perfect middle ground for us all to enjoy. Drawing on a nostalgic sound synonymous with the 80s, the duo delivers an addictive synth wave production that incorporates balearic undertones. At points euphoric and at points deeply touching, the single will have you on the edge of your seat throughout.

Both artists have been close friends for the better part of a decade, having first shared a manager together, therefore, in many ways this collaboration has been a long time coming. But life is never that simple, especially in the music world. Both artists went in their own directions, Cagedbaby began producing musicals, whilst Dorothys Fortress writes film scores, and in many ways ‘Attention’ is the product of both those career moves. Drawing on Damon’s love of cinematic soundtracks and Thomas’ passion for introspective lyricism, the single is layered in emotion where Cagedbaby’s powerful vocals takes you on a journey. ‘Attention’ tells the story of a lover’s remorse, where the singer is trapped in a perpetual loop of only one individual’s happiness, a moment that certainly grips you within the torchlight chorus that you’ll find firmly stuck in your head.

Released via Disco Halal, the single will shortly be transformed into a dance track by label head Moscoman. Maintaining the emotive essence of the original, the single is transformed into a chuggy, fast paced, left-field dance track that gains strength as the track plays out. Adding another intricate layer to the release.

As far as debut collaborations go, Cagedbaby and Dorothys Fortress have certainly delivered a memorable release with ‘Attention’. Containing a vibrant array of sounds that draws on aspects of disco and gospel, it’s an irresistibly catchy hit. We can only hope the creative duo come together again to deliver another unexpected offering.