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So, you’re breaking into the music industry as a new artist and you need to find ways to promote your tracks to the world? Well, you’ve come to the right place. This article is filled to bursting with some of the best pathways that you can explore to get your name out there, making sure your new music is heard by the masses to reward you for the countless hours of hard work that have gone into your single mixtape. If you’re interested, then read on. 

Develop Your Social Media Presence
Without a strong social media presence, it’s going to be hard to achieve success in today’s modern music industry. Every successful band, singer or rapper has their own social media account that they use to convey important messages to their fans, and these platforms are often used not only to share snapshots of their personal lives but also to publish marketing materials relating to any new music that they’re soon to be releasing. Amassing a large following on Instagram or Tiktok could provide you with an enormous amount of attention and cause your reputation to spread across the globe before your eyes, especially if you manage to create content that allows you to go viral. Social media platforms also provide you with the chance to connect with other artist’s and important people in the music industry like producers too, so it’s a great way to begin networking to get inside the right circles! If you manage to form a friendship (socially or professionally) with another social media user who has a large following, then you can use this to your advantage in order to promote your new music to their followers. Influencers can be a great help when attempting to push a product like a mixtape, as they can ‘influence’ spending habits and direct people towards your art. 

Branding, Merchandise & More 
Having a hit song is all well and good, but the real money making aspect of the music industry is branding and all of its associated perks such as merchandise, collaboration deals and more. Securing big branding deals can get your face onto the big screen, and as a result you’ll have a much greater influence to grow your audience and encourage the world to stream your tracks. Designing and selling your own unique merchandise is a great idea to pursue, as a fan dressed head to toe in your branded clothing is a walking advertisement! Even doing something as simple as creating your own DJ drops to add your stage name into your tracks can be enough to begin building your reputation, so there’s no time like the present to begin building your branding empire for the sake of your music career. 

Successfully breaking into the music industry is never going to be easy, but these ideas can help to increase your reach through smart marketing techniques so that your songs can get heard. Building a good reputation takes time, so always be patient with yourself and stay focused.