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Mat Cipher’s debut single ‘Indigo’ put the producer on the map thanks to its unique blend of dance and pop music. Since it’s release in 2018, the artist has since homed in on this style and now with the release of his latest single ‘Sand Toy’ we see Mat at the peak of his creative abilities. ‘Sand Toy’ is a beautiful and emotive piece that gives us instant summer vibes. Originally raised in Budapest and developing a love for all thing’s music from as early as 5 years-old, we caught up with the artist to discuss his latest work, a journey to LA at the age of 18 to dedicate his life to music and how he got to where he is now in the music industry.

Having only released music for the past few years, Mat is making waves with his unique sound. However, rather surprisingly, Mat’s first musical endeavour originates from a background in rock:After many attempts at forming tribute bands, I felt that playing someone else’s song was not enough of me anymore. I felt this feeling that music was so personal that I had to figure out how to do my own original songs. I opened up Garageband and started producing some alternative rock beats. I started getting more and more into this whole world and then realised that I was creating beats that had a very pop/EDM sound to them. I think that was the moment when everything clicked, and it made me realize that this is what I should do from now on.”

Having blended elements of pop alongside electronic/dance production, Mat has created his own sound using his prior knowledge to create a very individual style: “Having a background in alternative/progressive rock, I gravitated towards the electronic dance scene as I was experimenting with beat making. I got into the heavier side of the genre as well, but then I realized that for me, the music needed to be emotional and that it had to have melodies in some form or another for me to enjoy it. I used to be a student of Matias Rengel (with whom I became very close friends with afterwards) and he taught me more and more about the pop scene which is what pushed me towards a more mainstream sound.”

As an artist, inspiration can happen in a multitude of ways and strike at any moment. Mat Cipher’s latest single ‘Sand Toy’ seemingly came to him from nothing but a night’s sleep: “As a music producer, you try to plan out songs and constantly work on upcoming records so that you can put out quality music. Sometimes you try hard and sometimes it just comes to you. In this case, it was the latter: one day I woke up and I started humming some vocal ideas. I made sure to record it, then I came up with the guitar hook. From there, everything just happened very naturally and smoothly. Personally, ‘Sand Toy’ genuinely reminds me of a warm and bright summer day. Maybe it’s having some drinks at a dope rooftop bar with your closest friends, but at the core, it’s that feeling of knowing that the summer just started and you have all of that time ahead of you to look forward to.”

Using a vocalist in many of his songs, Mat likes to bring in another element of creativity and a fresh look on his projects to create the perfect sounds: “I listen to my gut feeling when it comes to anything music related. If an idea instantly sounds catchy for the first time, then I know it’s the right choice. Whether it’s coming up with a vocal idea, doing the production, or hearing a singer for the first time. In ‘Sand Toy’, I was scrolling through Spotify when I found Freida Mari and I was shocked at how amazing she was. I wasted no time and contacted her immediately and a few days later we found each other recording the track. I feel like at the beginning of the project you think you figured out the whole song, but as you move forward working with singers, you realize there’s so much that they add creatively, so it’s crazy to think that you’re never really 100% sure how the project will end up.”

As everyone is, Mat is hoping 2021 will be a bigger and better year than 2020. Brightening up people’s days with his music is top of the agenda for Mat: “I’m constantly coming up with new and fresh ideas. We wrote a bunch of songs in 2020 so I’m making sure that the best ones come out at the right time so we can sprinkle some positivity into someone’s day when they listen to it. Show wise, I am unsure on what will happen (as is everyone I’m sure). So we are, of course, holding off until everything is safe enough for audiences to enjoy live events again.”

You can catch Mat Cipher’s beautiful new single, ‘Sand Toy’ below.

Words – Owen Quinn