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For emerging brands entering the fashion industry, it’s important to have an ethos – something that you stand for. It helps you stand out in a congested crowd and gives us a chance to buy into what you’re trying to do. GLIM Studios is the latest design house to grab our attention for doing exactly that. With an aesthetic driven by nostalgia, GLIM puts self-expression at the forefront by merging luxury alongside youth inspired silhouettes. The brand also holds an important place at its core for the theme of sustainability, by only using 100% natural fabrics, with everything locally sourced.

We caught up with the team behind the exciting new brand to learn more about their values and what we can expect from them in the future.

– When did you create GLIM Studios and what inspired you to create your own brand?

GLIM STUDIOS operations started 2 years ago; even though, we officially launched the brand on Social Media November 27, 2019.

We started GLIM STUDIOS first as a project, we developed a business plan to see what it will take to start something of our own. Then we decided to create the branding direction we would like for GLIM STUDIOS in order to register the brand itself. At the time, we were also doing a lot of research and visits to local manufacturers, fabric sourcing providers, the design teams, product developers, etc. It was a long and detailed process with many shortcomings and lessons learned, but everything made this journey worthwhile.

The inspiration behind GLIM STUDIOS is a pursuit and goal to make things different from the established,  and by that we mean to rethink the idea of having seasons between our collections; the type of fabrics and materials we would like to use; and how we would produce garments and accessories ethically and responsibly made for our community and the environment.

We believed, it was time for people like us to be able to have garments that can be used and last through seasons with a traceable concept of high quality, full transparency, and great design. Creating limited-edition garments with a focus on timeless; comfortable silhouettes that are both unique and classic. 

– Had you guys been working with any other brands previously?

We are a team of three people right now, and we all have different working experiences and backgrounds. This is what make our brand so unique, diverse and personal.

First Lizbeth, she is the designer and one of the founders of the brand. She graduated from a fashion design school in Barcelona. During this time, she had the opportunity to do internships with different brand designers where she learned so much of the process of developing a collection, fabric selection and develop a concept, production, etc. Part of her was always eager to have a brand of her own someday. Her last opportunity was with DELPOZO the Spanish brand in the supply chain department, it was just right after her master’s degree, which served her to understand even more about the fashion business.

Gianella, she is GLIM STUDIOS co-founder and Lizbeth sister. She has been working for the retail world since she graduated from school and has a background on business administration as an Industrial engineer and master’s in international business. She has also had the opportunity to work on tech and design projects that have allowed her to grow and contribute greatly to GLIM STUDIOS strategy. She loves tech and fashion, and just as Lizbeth, she has always dreamed about having a business of her own that can contribute to society by putting in practices for a better living.

Enrique is the other partner and has a background in foreign trade, and what we all have in common is the passion for fashion and the design world and of course we are all Entrepreneurs by heart.

– Aesthetically GLIM takes a lot of inspiration from the 80s and 90s era, what is it about that time draws you in?

We believe this is part of our identity, we were born and raised between these two eras, we feel inspired by the culture, the silhouettes, the personalities, the social and artistic movements and how different the life was back then that it marked us, and we feel truly identified.

– Your brand has a key focus on sustainability through the use of natural fabrics, how important is the issue of the environment to you guys? 

Caring for the environment is very important to us. This is a reality our generation share and should be accounted for. This was one of the reasons we decided to create a brand that not only uses natural fabrics, but also give an answer to the overproduction in the fashion industry by providing limited edition designs in order control production (and waste).

We also have recently launched our Pre-order process on some pieces that were sold out in the collection, where we only produce what is requested.

We still have room for improvement, but our goal is to keep doing better and better for our community and environment.

– How challenging has it been launching your first collection during such a tumultuous time? 

We have to accept that many factors we were not counting on had influenced much of our development as a brand, especially now on these difficult times. However, we think it has strengthened our identity, and commitment. Being able to provide a product that can be a good change to the usual issues the fashion industry faces, feels rewarding to each one of us, and we expect that every single item we make, feels that way to each of our customers too.

– I know it’s still early, but how have you found the reaction has been to the brand since its inception?

We have found the reaction to be positive, we have received good feedback, and we have taken the actions needed to keep improving since the beginning. We certainly believe that listening what our community have to say is very important, and more to act accordingly.

– Moving forward, what do you hope GLIM grows into?

We would love to see GLIM STUDIOS grows into one of the player brands in the sustainable and ethical world, a brand that creates change even in the small details. Our brand is diverse, and we welcome everyone. We believe together we are powerful and can make a difference.

Many of us now understand the impact our shopping habits have on the world we live in, and it’s good to see these exciting brands aware of their responsibilities to be ethical. GLIM have already created a brand identity very early on in their journey, which will only allow them to grow at a faster rate in the future. I’ll certainly be keeping an eye on what they produce next.