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With the globe is facing it’s most challenging time in our recent years, it seems almost strange to consider what the future will look like – but when we set out to create this issue some months ago, we wanted to challenge ourselves to explore a multitude of possible future scenarios.

Our contributors from across the globe have delivered us some stunning works, from our stark post-apocalyptic ‘White Noise’ shot by Darren Black, to the mutant inspired ‘Power’ by Eugene Manning – we’ve explored every possibility for Generation XX.

Our Beauty focus for this issue surrounds ‘Heavy Metals’ and we have a gorgeous editorial shot by Louise Kragh where our Beauty Editor Jo Ascenso breaks down the looks so you can recreate them at home. Our Editor in Chief Aaron Mark brings you all the latest from the runways of London Fashion Week and where he see’s the future of Fashion Week going. Jake Wright our Features Editor explores the relationship between Music and Fashion in the modern age, and Contributing Editor Sophie Winfield sheds some light on the grey area that is Fashion Advertising. Not to mention, we’ve gone back in time with our latest feature ‘Spill the Tea’ which answers all your Agony Aunt questions…

We know times are tough at the moment, and we know the next few months will be some of the toughest we have faced as a human race, but we continue to hope and dream, and as such we continue to create, and we hope you are inspired to do the same. We have opened up our online platforms for all submissions so if you have an article or something you want to share, please get in touch! We’ve also given the digital copy of this issue away absolutely free until further notice, so we hope you get as much enjoyment out of reading it as we did making it.

And don’t forget, our digital issues are now INTERACTIVE! You’ll find on our product pages and certain aspects of the magazine will now open webpages, making your reading experience even better, and giving you even more power in your hands!

Issue 10 is OUT NOW available in print and digital on