We talk with genderless clothing advocate Jacqueline Loekito on her latest collection, and why genderless is such a focus for her…

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Jacqueline Loekito is fast becoming a rising star in the design world for her bold and daring takes on gender.

Loekito has been focused on the genderless clothing idea for many years with her brand being established in 2012, and champions this with sharp tailoring, and a colour palette that always satisfies both men and women alike.

Dare to dress in a different manner, without losing your identity

Jacqueline Loekito

For her AW19 collection, Loekito created a collection in honour of her dear friend Viviane Zitzen who passed away last October to Breast Cancer. The collection, titled ”Vivianes Last Kiss’, showcases the heartbreak that this loss caused Loekito, but also celebrates the fun and joy of Vivianes life. The use of pinks and reds are symbolic of the cancer that takes so many lives every year, yet the tones are not feminine or masculine, but they compliment both genders and stay true to current trends.

We had the opportunity to ask Loekito about her collection.

There is a real focus on genderless clothing at the moment, and I can see this is a core element of your brand, what made you take this route with your brand?

“I am actually glad that this genderless clothing is really a focus at the moment because I have been working on this issue since I started to study fashion back in 2006. I just feel that men and women should have absolute freedom to dress however they want without feeling bad or worry about what society think. We as women have so much choices in clothing and the choices for men are very limited, so lets open that gap.”

Your AW19 collection is dedicated to your friend Viviane Zitzer who passed away to breast cancer last year, how did this change your design process?

“Every season I try to work on something that is really dear to me and that made the whole process somehow easier. With Viviane, I wanted to celebrate her life and tell a story about how wonderful she was. She was a pioneer in gender issue too, she started the Queer Film Festival in Basel (Switzerland) 11 years ago and her legacy continues even now…”

You have focused on shapes with your clothing to really push the boundaries on masculinity and femininity, do you think we will start to see this filter into more mainstream retail brands in the future?

“I really hope so, I interviewed a few men about this topic and one of them is gay, he even said that if genderless clothing hit Zara for example, then he would buy it without hesitating. Of course it takes some time to trickle down to the high street, but I believe this will happen in the future.”

Your AW19 collection is beautiful and has a really powerful and strong message, can you give us any hints on what to expect for SS20?

“Thank you so much, I’m glad that you felt that there was a message there, meant that I did something right.

SS20 is all about self love, this issue has been talked about a lot recently between myself and those people around me, and I am trying to find what this really means for me and everyone else.”

We are such big advocates of self love and freedom of expression here at Boyfriend, and we are so excited to see the rising of designers that have such a focus on allowing the freedom and fun of fashion to live in a world without boundaries and limits.

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